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were the subordinates of the Raya at Krotta-Kantima ; exacted
tribute within a ghadiya from Timmapa Gauda who rebelled
against the Raya; and slew Matla Timma with 12,000 troops,
and won a victory over Dasariraju Timma, having put to flight
Gronas, Yankaras and Kunapulis. He destroyed the Ksatriyas
in the battle-field of Kodur.



This Kasturi Rangappa Nayadn defeated the Muhamma-
dans of Grolkonda in battle ; and chased the petty chiefs of
Yinukoiada and KondavTdu to Koccerlakcta. Having been
commissioned by the Raya to subdue Timrnana Grand who
rose in rebellion against him, he killed 26,000 manne soldiers
of the Gaud's army in the battle of Krotta-Kanuma. He
captured Tinimana Graud, and exacted from him the tribute
due to the Raya.

Then, Timrnaraja, the chief of Matla slrna, with the help
of his brothers, Kondraju, Venkataraju and Dasariraju attacked
the chiefs in the neighbourhood and seized their estates.* Sari
Obalaraju, one of the chiefs, who was thus dispossessed, appeal-
ed to Kasturi Rangappa Nayadu for help and requested him
to effect the restoration of his lands. Rangappa pledged his
word to get back his property, and to secure this end he
marched to Kodur with an army of 2,000 soldiers. Camera
Venkatappa Nayadu, accompanied him with some troops.

When Timmaraja heard of this information, he summoned
to his assistance the chiefs of the Katneni, Vankara, Kunapuli,
and Pedapa^u families who were favourably disposed to him
as well as the commandants of the forts of Kalimili and
Udayagiri to Yerraguiita. He explained to his allies the state
of affairs ; then he despatched Gutti Venkataraju to the camp

•The author of Velvgoiivari Vamsacaritra appears to have misunderstood the mean-
ing of the original. Ko^raju, and Venkafcaraju were not tlie brothers of Matla Timmaraja,
bttt frieads. It was not Matla Timma who seized the estates of the Sari family ; Dasari-
lijtt Kon^rSju and his brothers were the aggressors, and Ma#a Timmaraja came in as aa
, when tiey were attacked by Kastflii Ranf appa who espoused th» cause of the Sari